Seal of Authenticity

Cleared your licenses? Show it. Proof of Licensing appears when your unique seal is clicked or scanned with a smartphone. Plus, enjoy fee-free licensing reorders for life.

What is the Seal of Authenticity?

The Seal of Authenticity is an image that goes on your album artwork or web page and links directly to your proof of licensing when clicked or scanned with a smartphone (using QR code technology). It indicates that music licensing has been obtained and verified, and can be viewed online at IDBLM.org (the International Database of Licensed Music). Artists display the seal with their music and merchandise, online and in print, to prove their music is licensed.

What is the International
Database of Licensed Music?

The International Database of Licensed Music (IDBLM.org) is a site dedicated to transparency in music licensing. It provides a public record of licensed works and displays the proof of licensing obtained for each release. The goal is to reward artists that release music legally.

Why get the Seal of Authenticity?

You wouldn’t drive your car without a license plate. If you did, you would draw attention, regardless of your license status. The seal is like a license plate for your music. You’ve taken extra steps to be legal. Now show that off with pride. Impress fans, stand out from the crowd, and minimize scrutiny. PLUS you will enjoy fee-free reorders for life!

The seal goes on your album art or web page and links to your proof of licensing when clicked or scanned with a smartphone.

Everyone can search public licensing records for free at IDBLM.org.

How do I get the seal?

You can add the seal to any cover song licensing project at checkout. Click here to start a project. After you purchase, you can access the seal by clicking “Get Seal of Authenticity” near the left side of the project. Or, follow the instructions we send in an email. You can download the seal in a variety of sizes, and instructions are provided to include the seal in your digital album artwork or CD insert.

How do the fee-free reorders for life work?

After you buy the seal on a project, our fee is automatically reduced to zero for every song on every new release you add to that project. There are some limitations: Fee-free reorders apply to the project for which the seal was purchased only. Also, they do not apply to releases that require custom licensing. Finally, the reorder format must match the format of a previous fully paid release. Additional Custom Licensing fees will apply if the total quantity licensed exceeds 10,000 streams, or 2,500 units for all other formats, or if the release format requires custom licensing. Please contact us for details.

How does the seal work?

1) Fans, publishers, and copyright holders find the IDBLM Seal of Authenticity on your album, indicating your inclusion in the public International Database of Licensed Music.

2) When they click or scan your album with a smartphone IDBLM opens and displays licensing for your album. They can also search using the unique numeric ID embedded in each Seal.

3) You can file proof of licensing, proof of original content, proof of public domain content and more from any authorized licensing agency, and fans can see exactly what you have licensed, what is original, and what is public domain.

Is this required by law?

No. Proof of licensing is all that is required by law. This is an additional way to show the public you have done things legally.

How do I affix the seal to my album
artwork and promotional materials?

You can have your designer embed the seal in your album artwork, add a link to your web page, and even print stickers to put on your album and promotional materials (helpful if CDs have already been manufactured). Put the seal on your albums, promotional posters, pass-along cards, and merchandise to prove you are legit.

Do I need to buy the seal for each format?

No. One seal covers all formats for an album or single (one project). If you release your album on compact discs and digital downloads, you will need to purchase only one seal. Once you have purchased, subsequent licensing purchases for the same album or single will automatically be filed with IDBLM and displayed from your seal.

Is the Seal of Authenticity included with IDBLM filing?

Yes. The IDBLM Seal of Authenticity is included with each IDBLM filing. Filing means your proof of licensing is placed in the IDBLM database. The seal links to IDBLM and displays all filings for that album or single.

Can I file albums that have been previously released?

Yes. If you purchased your licensing from us, you can add the seal to any past album for $29.00. To do so, please call us with the album title you want to upgrade. If you purchased your licensing from another provider, please follow the instructions below to mail us your proof of licensing.

Do I need to buy my licensing from you to file with IDBLM?

No. Artists may file through any IDBLM authorized music licensing agency or publisher. If you choose to license with another provider, you can still get the Seal of Authenticity from us. Follow the instructions below to submit your proof of licensing and payment to us. If you choose to license with us, Easy Song Licensing will cover your filing and fee for $29.00 per album or single. Add this to any licensing project by checking the box at checkout. When you file with us, no additional steps are required by you.

How to submit proof of licensing
from another licensing provider by mail:

You don’t have to obtain your proof of licensing from us to get the Seal of Authenticity. You can provide proof of licensing from any source by delivering a PDF copy of the proof of licensing to us (call for details) along with the $29.00 filing fee (checks made to Easy Song Licensing, or pay online). Please call us for details.

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