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Send your clients to us for licensing. They will get the very best in customer service and you will earn generous profit sharing.

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Does your business spend too much time answering music licensing questions? Does your music service want to ensure the legality of user-added content? Do you have a large following of fans that need our help? Save time and make money. Send them our way for licensing help. They get the best customer service in the industry. You get paid every time we license their song.

Do your clients need music licensing help?

Whenever they record a song that someone else wrote, they need to get permission from the copyright holders. This is true for all formats, even if they are giving away their recording. Getting permission involves contacting the copyright holders for each song and it can be a real pain if they haven’t done a lot of this. When they hire Copyright Notary, we take care of everything for them.

What does Copyright Notary do?

We help independent artists, corporations, churches, schools, community groups, and individuals get permission to use copyrighted music for all types of uses. Our Copyright Notary service makes it easy to get the permission required to release a new version of any song in 1-2 business days. We clear 100% of the rights needed, and the license never expires. We deliver PDF Proof of Licensing in an email, and each request is securely saved online for easy access for years to come. The cost is $14.99 plus royalties per song per format. Royalties vary by format.

Through our Custom Licensing services, we offer music rights clearances for any use, with dedicated, personal assistance from an experienced specialist. Committed to accuracy and transparency, ESL adds value to the music industry through innovation, education, and efficient rights administration.

Why partner with Copyright Notary?

When you send your clients to us for licensing, you know they will get the very best in customer service. Our knowledgeable experts answer every call and patiently respond to all types of licensing questions. Messages are returned in minutes. We handle everything, giving your clients an incredibly personal and truly simple experience. We have been in business since 2005. Each month, we serve over 50,000 clients with care, and clear over 4,000 songs with efficiency.

How does the partner program work?

We link to you on our Partners page. You link to us on your web site, blog, or newsletter. Referrals are tracked using a special link we provide. When clicked, a cookie is saved on the client’s device. The cookie identifies your referral, and lasts 30 days. When your clients call, they get personal help from the best licensing team in the business. When they license a song, we pay you 15% of our fee. You can view your referrals and our payments to you through your copyrightnotary.com account. We send referral checks monthly.

Integrate with our web API.  NEW!

Add Copyright Notary’s industry-leading rights clearance services to your application. Designed with you in mind, our web API makes it easy to clear rights for your music service and simplify licensing for your users. Learn more.

How is this different from our referral program?

Unlike our referral program, enrollment is required. Enrollment qualifies you for a listing on our Partners page, cookie tracking, and online access to referrals. Unlike the referral program, you have the opportunity to earn from repeat customers, each time the cookie link is clicked. Finally, to keep your Partner status, you must maintain an active link to us.

Like the referral program, we ask every caller how they heard about us and every referral counts (even callers who never click the cookie link). We also send you monthly paychecks automatically, meaning you never have to request payment.

Are there any special requirements or restrictions?

The only requirement for partnership is that you maintain an active link to us. Anyone can become a partner. However, to maintain a manageable and relevant list for our clients, some partners might not qualify for a public listing on our Partners page. If we reached out to you, it’s because we believe you are a prime candidate for our Partners page and the Partner program. We believe we could make a difference for your clients, answer the licensing questions for you, and help you earn significant referral income.

How to get started:

First, create an account using the link below. If you already have an account, still click below to add Partner permissions. Next, you will see Your Partners page. There, you can add your Partner listing and access everything you need to create your referral link and start earning.

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